AASF Memorial Scholarships

The Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation provides scholarships to individuals who want to develop their aviation careers. There are three scholarships available each year for up to $2,000 each:

The Tom Wardleigh Memorial Scholarship
The Virginia Hyatt Memorial Scholarship
The Ellen Paneok Memorial Scholarship

These annual AASF Scholarships are established with funds received from families and friends of Alaskan aviators who have gone to new horizons.

*** The 2024 application deadline is July 31st ***
Download the 2024 AASF Scholarship Application.

  • Congratulations to the 2023 Scholarship Winners!
  • Ghinali Seyrak – Ellen Paneok Memorial Scholarship
  • Debra Ylijoki – Ginny Hyatt Memorial Scholarship
  • Manuela Jay – Tom Wardleigh Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Participating in an aviation related program with a qualified instructor or at an accredited college, university, trade school, or training center
  • Intends to make aviation in Alaska their career
  • Has spent at least two of the past three years in continuous official residency in Alaska
  • Has completed at least two semesters, or 30% of the work towards his/her professional goal.