Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022

Place: UAA Aviation Technology Center, 2811 Merrill Field Drive

Total program time: approximately 5 hours, 0830-1330

Tentative Agenda (Subject to Change):

0800 – 0830 Check In

0830 – 0930 Winter Operations: Remarks from experienced ski-pilot from the Iditarod Air Force. The focus will be on winter flight considerations in general rather than specific Iditarod Air Force operations.

0930 – 1030 Around the Airport – Towered and Non-Towered Operations: We have tower controllers from Lake Hood and Merrill to cover the towered part and an experienced CFI II who instructs in Palmer to covered non-towered ops. The focus will be on procedures and communications.

Break 1030 – 1100

1100 – 1200 Accident Lessons Learned – NTSB. We are looking for an in depth look at an accident(s) with final reports that hold valuable lessons for the attendees.

1200 – 1300 Current Issues and Updates for Alaskan Pilots – Tom George and Marshall Severson will update attendees on Alaskan aviation developments including the new T-Routes, mountain pass charting, texting with FSS, and possibly the FAA Alaskan Safety Initiative if recent updated information is available.